Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter, spring, new birth, new creation

This week, I haven`t gotten as much finished as I had hoped to.. Sickness invaded my life!! I was just telling my husband the other week, that it has been a long time since I had been sick. I was glad that I had gotten my flu shot this year, thinking that might have helped. Well.. spoke too soon for sure!!

Last Saturday night, before the night was over, my nose started running and the throat was beginning to get itchy. By Sunday, I was starting to cough and sneeze. I tried to nurse myself for a few days, but By Wednesday, I called the Dr. to see if I could go in to see her. UGK!! I do not like anything about SHOTS!! As soon as she mentioned that she as going to get me a steroid shot, my eyes met hers with a stare. I felt like a school age little girl, being told that the Dr. was going to give me a shot!! But I sucked it up and got ready. Bronchitis.. that is what she told me that I had and the steroid shot should help, along with the Z pack. Well, let me say this.... a new nurse came in with the dreaded needle and I cringed... A new nurse? What happened to Jennifer, who always was good with needles that I had to have? Where was she when I needed her?!! Much to my surprise, as the new nurse was talking to me and saying, "Ok that is it", I didn`t even have time to actually squint my eyes and get ready!! It was over and the best shot I have ever had, if that is possible...

Anyway, now, here it is three days later, and truthfully, I don`t feel a whole lot better. We had to cancel a mountain trip with friends already. This morning we were supposed to get up to go to Knoxville to see our daughter at least for tonight and be with her for Easter.. NOT!! Not only am I still sick, my husband has it now. Although I must say, it doesn`t appear to be as bad as me, but listening to him talk, you would think he is on his last leg!! Anyway, we got up at 6 to see how we were feeling and made that executive decision that it would not do either one of us any good to be in the car for that long today and then right back tomorrow. Sad to not see Lara for Easter, but we didn`t want to take a chance on getting her sick too.

We spend today, our 39th anniversary, nursing our aches and pains, together. We even missed Heston`s first t-ball game. :(    but we did go  out to eat dinner . It really  didn`t have much taste but was good... . I know, I know.... enough complaining!! I really am not complaining, just thinking to myself why I didn`t get things done that I had wanted to!! Thankful tonight.... as night has come, that when we wake tomorrow, it will be Easter morning. It will be a day of celebrating the fact that He Is Risen!!  Nothing compares to the glory of that!!

I did work on some of my plaster pictures earlier in the week and was able to get them stained and painted. I still have the paint the sides and back of them but got a few finished..

This cross one I had been working on, trying to figure it all out. To figure out if I wanted to stain it only, or softly paint with pastels.... As you can see, I decided to do both.

Come over to see some very talented artist here  Glad to be a part of Sunday Sketches at Blue chair diary illustrations!!
Enjoy tomorrow. Happy Easter!!
Have a wonderful day,


  1. Isn't that always the way? get to thinking how you haven't been sick in a while and BOOM! It hits you. So sorry you had to change your plans. your plaster pieces are beautiful. So creative! Glad to find you through Sunday Sketches!

  2. Sorry to hear you've been sick! It must be doing the rounds internationally as I've had a horrible dry tickly cough and stuffy nose for the last week too. It keeps me awake and makes me feel like I'm choking - horrible. I don;'t honestly believe that shots or medicine do much good for colds and the like - they tend to just run their own course. I've taken cough medicine and lozenges but I'm not convinced they even do much good! Anyway, your cross piece is really interesting and I hope you feel better soon.

  3. I love this Jane! You've really inspired me to get out my plaster again! I'm sorry to hear you and your husband are sick, and will pray for a speedy recovery! Happy Easter!

  4. Oh no poor you, i hope you are feeling beter soon.I can't believe you still created something!

  5. How lovely your art work is ~ beautiful! ~ Sending you lots of healing hugs and Happy 39 years ~ Wow! ~ Happy Day ^_^

  6. hope you feel better! lovely cross, love the metallic hue

  7. I love the little, delicate flowers you've created around your beautiful cross. Impressive. :)