Saturday, January 5, 2013

New creations

So, I had all of that wood that I came home with this week, just sitting in the garage waiting for me to get inspired... and yesterday , it happened...the inspiration came...

 I pulled out a book that I had gotten by one of my favorite mixed media artist, Kelly Rae Roberts. I love her style... then I got my paints out, set my card table up in the den and started on them.... I have a room upstairs, just for my crafts and sewing but sometimes, I just spread it all out in the den so I can work down here after dinner when Tom gets home.

If the mess bothers him, he doesn`t ever say anything to me. So that is our little system!

I started with the wood pieces, and collaged them with some scrap book paper.
 Then, I pulled out some new oil paint sticks that Kelly said she used and I ordered, to try them out.

 Well, let me tell you, I love those things!! Who knew?!! They blend so pretty, the only thing, they have to dry for 24 hours after you are finished... that is not really a problem, just had to put them aside and wait til the next day to finish up some details.... then today, I played with some more looks. I don`t think I will ever tire of painting and drawing angels!!

They still have some work to add to them, words and sayings, guess I will think about that tomorrow... For now, good night! Glad to be a part of Sunday Sketches with Blue Dairy illustrations....


  1. Aw, they are so pretty. I hope you don't tire of painting angels either. More please!

  2. Your angels are beautiful! Love your mix of patterns and pretty colors, so sweet!

  3. Jane, your work is so sweet. I LOVE love how you created your gals, along with the wings. :)

  4. What wonderful whimsy! LOVE to see what you will do next. xoxo