Friday, November 2, 2012

Reunion in Heaven

One of our Mother`s dearest friends, Joyce Wheeler, passed away this week. My heart is sad for her family but is smiling inside as I think of the reunion that must be going on in Heaven with these sweet friends. It started years ago, their friendship. They went to the same church, had children around the same time, joined sewing clubs, round tables and Sunday School classes together. They had more friends in their groups and some times four of them, Gertie, Joyce, June and Mother would get together for little get away's. They would get together to sew and make things for the children for Christmas, they got together with the husbands for cookouts, and I am sure there must have been much praying for families, as their families started growing. After our Daddy died, the three ladies took Mother to Gatlinburg for a little girl trip. They had the best time there and talked about it for years. Then tragedy struck.. Gertie died after a short battle with Alzheimer. Then there were three. Their families continued to grow, grandchildren came and they still loved to get together for their time... Years later, June died..... then just the two were left in that little group ....Mother and Joyce still had many years together, not seeing each other all the time, but when they did, it was like old times. They shared a love of reading and would love to get together to share stories about what book they had just read. As Mother got sick, Joyce would come visit her and they talked about their favorite books once more. Even mentioned about a new book coming out in 2011 from one of their favorite authors, not knowing that Mother would not be there to read it. I can only imagine that Joyce bought it and read it when it came out that spring... December 2010, Mother went home to be with the Lord. We asked Joyce to speak at Mother`s celebration service, as she had done when June died years before. That must have been hard but she was glad to do it. She spoke of times past and shared stories about the girls. It was a sweet time and we were glad she was a part of it. Now, almost two years later, Joyce has joined her there in Heaven, right in the presence of God! Yes, bittersweet.... tears for one more of her friends, who has passed away, tears for the family left behind, tears for those memories that she was a part of , but oh, how can we be sad, knowing the reunion, the celebrating that they must be right in the middle of, there in Heaven. Joyce, June, Gertie and our Gaga!! Today, I am so thankful for the hope that we have in God, knowing that the day we die, will indeed be the best day of our lives, as we get to go home to be with Jesus!

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