Saturday, August 11, 2012

Prayer Request board

Lara came home for the weekend from Knoxville. It took her 6 hours instead of the usual 4 because of the terrible rain we had last night then..... cement truck accident caused the road to be completely shut down for over an hour!! She was pooped when she finally drove in the driveway!

Today as we were catching up, she mentioned that she had seen this prayer requests wrought iron display that she really liked. But they were out of them.... then she found a picture that she showed me of a wooden one with string wrapped around. I looked around the basement to find old pieces of wood, the right size, to use for our project. Then... I found an old bulletin board stuffed in the closet that had possibilities in my mind.....

I pulled out some old burlap, stapled it all around the edge, turning under the raw edges. Then we got some twine rope, and staples it across the board.

I pulled out some scrapbook paper, cut some brown paper bag colored paper in 2x2.5 " pieces, then cut letters out of more paper and glued the letters onto the back brown piece.

 We used some clips we picked up at Target in the school section to clip the letters onto the twine rope on the top row.

At this point, I put some thumb tacks across the rows to keep the rope tight.. I used some cording to glue along the inside of the frame to hide most of the staples that we used for the burlap. Still, I thought it need something extra to finish it off. I made a burlap rosette to see about using. I couldn`t decide where it would look best so I glued some thumb tacks on the back of it...

This way, we could push it in the center but if she changes her mind down the road or puts new letters on it, she can pull the rosette off.

This is the finished board, all ready for her to take back to Knoxville when she leaves us tomorrow..

Have a great weekend!!

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