Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dining room make over

I have been working on my dining room make over for quite a while now. It is just one baby step at a time!! The first thing that I wanted out of there was the rug that I had forever, it seems like. I loved it when I bought it, when those jewel colors were all in my house! But now, I was ready for a softer look. So, after looking for months for the rug to make my color palette, I found it at Home Goods! They have great rugs but you have to check there often cause when the truck comes in and they put them out, they could go in a hurry... This was actually a reversible rug! I had never heard of that, but if you flip it over, the back is a black bordered with a solid tan in the center square. I like both sides but decided to go with the diamond one for now... the dining room chairs were next. I purchased some zebra fabric with just the right shade of the tan color. That may not sound like a big deal, but believe me.. it was. Most zebra is the brown colors and black, but this one matched perfectly, the tan color that was in the rug...

The last piece to the puzzle were the curtains. I am a lime green lover but never thought about that color until it was suggested to me. Once I heard it, I looked and looked for just the right shade of lime... it is a silk type fabric. I only did one panel for each side of the triple window. I didn`t really want it to close since we have the shutters but just enough for the color to pop.  The flower arrangement was still a good look, I thought, and it had lots of that green color, so it went with the curtains good. An old picture that I had in another room, we brought in the dining room and it too, had a hint of the green color.

Now... I am all done in there. Time to start thinking about which room to invade next with ideas. My husband would tell me that we are all done with our redoing.. but at night, when I am just sitting around and thinking.... my mind goes to other areas that I want to do soon!!


Have a great night!!

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