Friday, March 2, 2012

New projects...

I have really been interested in a new look of art. I guess it has been around for a while, but I never knew it had a name. I just thought it was layered, three dimentional, art, kind of like scrapbooking. Now, I have found out it is called altered art and the internet is full of it. Lots of pictures, tutorials, books and great ideas using it. I am hoping to find a class one day to learn the "art" of altered art, but until then, I will just play around with my paints, stencils and palet knife and have some fun. This week, I have done some new pictures and some redos of old pictures that I had done. Some of them, I have scanned and put into my note cards, others, I am still working on but wanted to share the ones I have done so far. This is what they look like this morning. Tomorrow, they may be different after I have looked at it for a while and decided to  add something else to it!

then I took the angel one, added some detail to it with my fine tip sharpie (which I love to use!)
 and scanned it to this note card, like I was talking about.....

"You are the music that makes my heart sing"

"She believed she could and she did"

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