Saturday, March 10, 2012

Getting ready for a special little girl`s baby shower

I am helping my daughter in law, Rebecca, with a baby shower for her sister, Lisa,  in a few weeks and I got started on my part of the party, the wreath and diaper cake. I love to help plan baby showers, it is just so exciting to be anticipating a new life about to born soon. We have had several boys lately to celebrate and now, we have a little pink one to plan for. With all the new colors for these new mothers to choose from, it is not always as simple as blue or pink.... This party is going with the woodsie theme, little bunnies, foxes, birds.... and the nursery  is going to be grey, shades of pink, red, aqua a touch of yellow! I love those together...

So, in trying to match up with those colors, I came up with a different look.  First of all... I found THE most adorable little pink shoes with satin ribbon for ties... at Walmart of all places! I fell in love with them when I saw them and already had in mind where I wanted to use them... on the wreath.

I have a big box of ribbons in my attic and since I have just recently "Cleaned" my attic, I knew exactly where they were. I found some grey, pink, aqua , orange and yellow ribbon and started to work on the wreath. I tied the paper diapers on the wire frame with a single ribbon, about 10 inches long... until the whole wreath was covered in the diapers...

Then I added the decorations... a kitty lovie with a baby elastic headband around his head... a pink bib, a pink rubber duck, some little baby gloves,a tulle bow with a pink bow on top of it, a butterfly from Hobby Lobby in the bridal department and the treasured pink shoes tied right in the middle.

At this point, I liked it but wasn`t crazy about the look. It just needed something else, too plain, in my mind. So, with the woodsie theme still in my mind I used some lime flowers that I had gotten for decorations, cut the wire and put them around the wreath to add some color. I am holding onto a little knit hat, to monogram when I find out the initials, but will put that on the very top with the ribbon when I find out the name.... So here is the final look.

And here is the diaper cake that matches for the table... I am very proud of myself for getting these done and not waiting until the last minute like I usually do! Now, I have a few weeks to look forward to the shower!!

Have a great day!!

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  1. ADOREABLE!! I love the cute! They both turned out great!!