Thursday, January 12, 2012

Headboard from an old door..... best surprise ever!!!

We have some good friends who just moved back to Birmingham. She was my best friend in high school and now our husbands are friends... We all went out to eat before Christmas and had a great time. When we exchanged our Christmas gifts, they handed me a small box, wrapped inside it was a note. It said that they were going to make me a headboard out of an old door. Bill had made one for Pam and I LOVED it. I guess I whinned enough about wanting one that Bill decided to make me one,probably  so I would stop talking about it!! At first he said he would gather his supplies and "loan" them to us so we could do it. We don`t know how to do all of that work and couldn`t begin to do it justice.... then we get this surprise! He did a great job on our new bed and they delivered it tonight.
What a present!! It is the sweetest gesture ever!! I love these sweet friends!!
My new bed is gorgeous!!!

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