Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Gaga and me

This past year has brought big changes in our lives as I have mentioned on here before. My mother, Gaga, went home to be with the Lord last December, 2011. This Christmas I tried to do something for each child that would be a good reminder, a memory, for them with their Gaga. I found lots of pictures with my daughter, Lara, with Gaga. That wasn`t a hard task to do because she loved her so and they did lots together over the years. They shared a special bond that will forever be felt by Lara. She was one lucky Grandmother to be loved so deeply by all who knew her. I wrote a little poem with the pictures and then framed it for Lara to have for her room. We all miss our Gaga still but feel like she is with us through all the love she gave us and things she made us each year. This is just a small reminder of how the love that Mother shared so freely touched us all.

My Gaga and me were best friends.....
She always had a smile and a hug for me
When I was little she would hold me on her knee
I loved to spend the night at her house
We would read, play games and watch movies
But when bedtime came,
we were quiet as a mouse
She called me her “Doodlebug”
I liked to sit with her all close and snug
She always showed God`s love and grace
even as she ran her toughest race...
In my heart there will always be
wonderful memories of
My Gaga and me

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