Friday, September 30, 2011

Old door made into king size headboard

Just recently, my best friend from High school,Pam, and her husband,Bill, moved back to Birmingham from Lexington. I had heard about Bill`s handyness all these years but haven`t witnessed first hand what he can do. It all started when I went to their new house to see the beautiful white bookcases he built for their sitting room, Gorgeous! When Pam and I went to lunch one day, she spotted this antique store with tons of old doors propped against the carport wall. We checked them out after lunch and she found one that she really liked. "Really Pam?" "a head board out of that old blue door?!!" It was her vision and not really a vision that Bill had at that time..... But as the days went by, I think he became a bit more inclined to see what she saw in her mind. They bought the door, took it home where much sanding was done.

At last the true image of that beautiful old door was starting to show through. The sanding, putting the top molding on and finally the staining was really paying off.

Once it was finished, the frame was bolted on and it has a place of honor in the guest room. It ended up being the size of a kind size mattress. It looks beautiful. Job well done, Pam and Bill!!

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