Saturday, September 3, 2011

Football season is here!!

We are a house divided when football starts here in Alabama. Being the first day of the big games, we all met at Brent and Lacy`s house for the early games and to eat. When I say eat, I mean to stuff ourselves. There was food everywhere and it was all delicious! Now, most of the family are Alabama fans, but being the good hosts, Brent and Lacy let the Auburn fans go to the "Man Cave" downstairs, to watch the game. Now that the games are over, everyone is happy since we both won. Naps are starting to happen, a bit more eating desserts and basically just resting after the stress of the games.

I fixed Adelyn a new t-shirt to wear for her team. Love this new applique design from Meringue Designs. We had to do a bow to match with the pink theme instead of red. It has been a good day. Nice to be with family and friends!

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  1. It was nice spending time with family yesterday! We love A's new shirt and bow! Thanks Jane!