Saturday, August 13, 2011


For the last three weeks, I have been at therapy for three times a week, at least 2 hours each time.I am recovering from knee surgery once again. This time a torn meniscus, much better than 12 years ago, a broken patella! Half way done, with three weeks left, I have found some sweet new friends. In the middle of the "pain", there is plenty of encouraging that they give so freely. Lots of laughter and smiles are always found once you enter the door and that is a good thing to enter into when you are not always feeling like smiling or laughing while doing the actual therapy! You kind of become like best friends for those few hours, talking about life. Last week, Anna shared with me a picture of her precious little boy, Hyde, with a cute monogrammed shirt on. I had to mention, of course, that I could do that for her if she needed another one down the road. Then... every so quietly, I added that I also have a note card business if they needed any. Well... Anna perked right up and said she had been looking for weeks for the perfect card to send out for thank you notes for Hyde`s 1st birthday party. We talked about what theme she was looking for and what colors she liked. Then as I left, the image was already in my mind of the animals I would use. So, after being proofed and ok`d, this is the finished product for little Hyde Thomas.
I am a real big preacher about how God sends us little silver lined gifts, when we least expect them, as we go through trials and just ordinary days. If we are too busy to recognize them, I can only imagine when we get to Heaven and God points over there to a huge stack of presents. He tells us that He gave them to us, but we were to busy to open and use. So, in the middle of this part of my journey of life, I have fully realized that He sent me to that particular therapy, and picked out those particular young ladies to help me and to encourage me as I heal. So, I thank you, God, for this huge gift you have given me, all wrapped up and already opened.... and for these three precious young ladies, right there in the middle of it all!

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