Monday, May 2, 2011

Missing my Mother...

Dear Gaga, You would love to see all that is going on at your house. Spring brings new life and that is exactly what is happening at your house. Brent and Lacy are lovingly adding new looks, new style and new life into your house and your would really like it.. The floors, Mother, the wood floors look great. Can you believe that old carpet is gone in there?! I know you would have done that if we had suggested it to you but we just never did. Your sofa looks great in its same place but it has a new coffee table with it and new pillows. You know that picture that Papa loved so much above the fireplace? Well, there is a big screen TV there now and I think you would even like that. You can see the TV from anywhere in the room now instead of just those two chairs.

The back bottom porch is all clean and has two new white rockers out there. Your screened porch has a big table and chairs and even a few ferns hanging. I think Brent and Lacy will enjoy that screen porch as much as you and Papa did. I can just imagine all the fun times, fellowship and cook outs that will be going on out there. Yes, you would like that new look outside.

Your bedroom is now brown. the white book shelves look great with the new color... Brent even used your garden tub that you loved so much but that you couldn`t get out of ... Remember the night you got stuck and couldn`t get out?!! Papa was ready to call 911 until you calmed him down...!

The basement is another story... I know you always told me the basement was mine to go through cause anyone else would just throw it all away... I am trying, I am trying... but you left so many special things to go through.. It may take a while longer for all of that. Many people will benefit from all your beautiful things, that is for sure! As I was in your work room, it was a quiet time, a time of reflecting, a time of remembering.... I found the sweater that Daddy left in there so many years ago, where you placed it on the back of your chair. It was hard to take it off ... I was telling the kids about how those two desks in there are antiques. I remember how Pop and Daddy used them when they worked together. Then when Daddy moved his office home and Pop died, that other one became yours. So many hours of pressed flower making was done down there at that desk.. I missed you down there today, I missed the hours spent together doing projects, talking , planning,... I wanted you there today to be able to call Lara and tell her happy birthday... But then, God`s grace showers down on me, reminding me exactly where you are, what you are doing.... Imagine that, Mother, imagine where and what you must be doing... more than my mind can think about but it is enough to know, to be sure of you being there with Him, right in His presence... Then, I hear Heston`s voice from upstairs, I hear the laughter from upstairs as they are unpacking and finding new places for the new things, then I know that your house will continue to be a home... a place where love is found, a place where you will always be with us, a place where memories of you, your smile, your love, just your presence will always be with us. I am thankful...

Your flowers are beautiful, the roses, the lilies, the yard is so pretty and green. Your snowball bush is in full bloom. I think it will be a beautiful spring and summer there at your house...Missing you still, but knowing you are perfect, in a perfect place, no more pain, no more sorrow.... is a great thing. I love you,

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