Friday, December 31, 2010

Good bye 2010, Welcome 2011

As I am sitting here this morning, watching the activities on TV, getting ready for the big celebration tonight for the world, I am drawn back to reality in my own life. Our celebration is a different kind of celebrating. My family is celebrating the lives of two very special people who are not with us as we start this new year. Our Mother, Gaga to many, and our Papa went home to be with the Lord this past year and we miss them terribly. But as we went through their illnesses and ultimately their deaths, our hope was always in the Lord. We knew He was in charge, we knew He had a plan for both of them, we knew He loves them more than we can even imaging and we knew He would take care of them. If we didn`t have this hope that we still cling to, it would have been unbearable to go through.

Papa died in September of pneumonia, alzheimers. We lost him several years ago as this disease took him away, little by little. We rejoiced and celebrated his life, knowing he was so much better, out of that body and in the presence of the Lord. We didn`t know that 3 short months later, we would be doing the same thing, walking the same road with our dear Mother. We will never understand but we trust that God had this planned and it was His will that she leave us and go to live with Him. She loved Him, she lived for Him, she radiated His love and now, she is right there in the very presence of Him. We have no doubt that she is in the middle of that Heavenly choir, singing His praises. We have no doubt that if given the choice, she would not want to leave that beautiful place where she has arrived. So, it is with this celebration, that we thank God. We thank God for giving her to us all those years ago. We thank God for bringing Papa into our lives so many years ago and for how our families have been brought together. We thank God for how we have each other to walk this walk with. And at this time of celebrating the new year, we thank God for being with us, for loving us and for taking such good care of us.

Yes, our celebration is different than most today, but we look forward to moving ahead into this new year. New traditions will be made, new weddings, new babies in the future, but our Gaga and Papa will forever be with us in our hearts and those special memories.

Goodbye 2010 and welcome 2011

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