Sunday, June 13, 2010

Trying not to get blogged down by "busy-ness"

It is my theme to my Bible Study girls, not to get so lost in the busy-ness of the seasons to lose focus on what is important. Each day is a gift that we wake up to. We have to make a decision what to do with it. Do we make it count or just go through the emotions of checking off our list of "things to do" ? I have just gotten a new software program to use for my cards and it is completely overwhelming! It has some 80,000 borders, backgrounds and art options. I could literally stay glued to my computer all day and not know what time it is. With that being said, and with spending these last few days on it, learning only a small bit of information, I am realizing that addiction is not too far in my future. I do not want to be addicted to my computer or anything else but am drawn to it when I sit down. I am excited about the possibilities it offers but need to keep it in perspective, I keep telling myself. Stay focused, Jane!
Summers are easy to get lost in when time schedules are not so much important. Still plenty to do just not at any particular time. So, stay focused to get it all done, I continue to tell myself.
Plenty of excitement going on for Gracie right now. The website is being worked on and moving ahead in the right direction. It has been a long time coming and I will be thrilled to have it up and running like I have envisioned. Lots to do in preparation for it. The look has been decided now on to the content. Once that is in place, we will add the personalization. Customers will be able to find a card or invitation, plug in their own font and information and actually see a live proof and click approved. That will be a great feature of the site. Other sites have been doing that I know, but now I will be able to offer that feature too.
Lara home from Baylor for the summer is a huge blessing for us. It could be our last summer with her since she is now officially a senior! I wonder, in my mind, how that could happen. Where did these last 21 years go so fast?!! There again, it reminds me that each moment is a gift from God. I treasure those moments and don`t want to waste them. Stay focused, Jane, on what is important!!
As a new week starts, I look forward to waking up each day and seeing what God has planned for me that day. Will I open it and use His gift or just let it sit there unopened? I hope to have them all opened and to be enjoying each one as intended!

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