Sunday, February 8, 2009

Heston`s Christening

This morning was the big day for Heston. We all got up early to get to Trinity to catch him sitting in the parlor, all smiles with his light-up hammer. He was certainly the center of attention with all the family gathered around smiling down at him. He just looked from one person to the other with his big smile. I think, surely, his cheek muscles must hurt at night from all the smiles he gives away during the day, but I am not complaining! The children`s choir sang as the service started and it made me a little sad to think that in no time, we will be sitting there, listening to him perform as he turns 4. Time flies and I am only too aware of that as I look at him , almost a big 9 month old!!

Finally it was his turn to get up in front of the church. He did great until the preacher reached out for him, and then a small wimper since he didn`t recognize him, but that passed. The preacher held him in his arms and walked down one aisle and back up the other, which I had never seem before but Heston seemed to enjoy, then he handed him back to Rebecca. He was a real trooper, even wearing his little hat that Rebecca had for him.

Afterwards, grandparents, great grandparents, aunts and uncles went to the Tavern for a little brunch. (With the exception of Aunt Lara who was at Baylor and couldn`t come and we missed her!!.) Tom and Rebecca have both been sick for weeks and by brunch time, Tom was really starting to go down hill with fever and just not feeling good, so he went home to rest. Hopefully the afternoon will bring some much needed rest for all three of them.
I close in saying what a proud Grandmother I was this morning. Who knew a little boy could bring such joy to so many people?!! ( I do realize that I am no different than all the other grandmothers out there, so if you are not a grandmother and are reading this and thinking this is silly, just deal with it. Your time will come!)
Have a great Sunday.

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