Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

Christmas has come and almost gone. It was a great day here at our house. We woke up early when Heston decided it was time to get up. After he ate a quick breakfast of cereal and fruit, it was time to check out what Santa had brought at the Lazenbys. Of course, much of the excitement was watching Heston with his new things. He likes to pull at the wrapping and the bows, which we all expected him to do this first Christmas of his. He got a baby laptop so he and his Daddy can do laptop together on the couch. Daddy Tom and Heston got matching Penn shirts that they can wear and be twins. His Daddy says that when they dress alike, they are being the people that we all like to make fun of!! So, I guess that means that they won`t be wearing their shirts at the same time!! Lara got a new camara with a zoom lense, the only thing that she asked for. She wants to take some photography classes next year so next Christmas, we can let her take all the pictures. Now, for the biggie of the day, my sweet husband surprised me with the best present ever.................... he has arranged for me to have my eye surgery in January. I will be able to SEE without both glasses!!! It was on my wish list but I had no idea that it would be anytime soon. I can`t wait!! The best surprise ever!!!
After lunch, we stuffed ourselves a bit more with desserts then family started leaving to go to their second Christmas with other families. Thankfully, we got to stay home and clean up the kitchen and watch a recorded Christmas movie. The end to a perfect Christmas. Our dear Lara, spend the rest of her Christmas afternoon, sleeping. Surprised anyone?!!!
Merry Christmas to all!! Jane

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