Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Fun with the babies

Note card news will have to come later. For now it is all about Christmas with the babies!!
Heston came over to our house yesterday all dressed up for Christmas. He had not seen his Aunt Lara since Thanksgiving and she was here waiting for him. Scooby even got to come in the den to play but he had a price to pay..... Lara made him dress up in his elf costume to pose with Heston for pictures!! He didn`t seem to mind and Heston enjoyed trying to pull on him. They did get in a few pictures together!! Scooby is enjoying his last week at our house. His Daddy is moving to Atlanta and is going to take him to his new home soon. We will all miss him, especially Tucker!
It is funny that it doesn`t take too long to turn the den into a playroom. We bring out everything to entertain Heston cause you never know what he will like or for how long! We brought the Santa Bear and even Papa`s singing Christmas tree made it to the couch with him. He was having fun trying them all out.
Anne and Zack got to keep Addy tonight and we went to dinner with them at Jim `n Nicks. Addy slept most of the time then woke up at their house. Kevin said that we had about 45 min. between her nap and feeding until she went back to sleep. We had to hurry to get some playing in before she went back to sleep. She had fun with a new puppet that Anne had for her. It was a glove, ladybug, and I was quite taken with it! I want one of those things for me and Heston!! Addy like the bright colors of it and how it plopped on top of her head.
As we were sitting there thinking about how our year has changed since last Christmas, it brought tears to my eyes. We are all so blessed!!
We managed to take a few pictures so enjoy and I`ll be back soon,

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